Why do traders needs our Indicators & Strategies?

Most people over looked this subject. Indicators are placed in the market to remove human emotions. Indicators will help you find and enter trades that most people are afraid to take. It’s also used to forecast price changes on the market. By using Indicators, traders can get confirmations to make the decisions about market entry and exit.

To be successful at anything, you need the right tools, and you need to know how to use them. As a Stock trader, your first step is to have indicators that enable you to make better trading decisions and increase the probability to take the trade in the direction of the market. A successful trader takes the trade based on the probability and statistics of the next move the moves of the market .You can’t find a great trader without great indicators.

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What we Do ?

Is it Too be Hard right?

Everyone can spot a reversal after it happens, but you need to be in that trade prior in order to make profits. The main goal of trading is Buying Low and Selling High. So, it shouldn’t be too hard right? One of the main reason why traders lose money are Emotions and Noisy charts. To avoid this you need to remove noises and follow a systematic trading.

How our indicators help?​

Our indicators are advanced algorithm that runs on top of the Tradingview.com platform. What our indicators provides to users is a very powerful signaling indicator that instantly shows a Buy and Sell arrows on any chart in real-time. Our indicators can guide traders in the right direction to being able to recognize series of patterns.

How Does It Work?

Whether you trade Forex, Stocks, Metals, Futures, or Cryptocurrency. Our indicators will help you determine trends and find the best possible entries. Compatible with trading view.

Our Products

Silver Trading indicators

500-2000 Per Strategy
  • Consolidation Indicator
  • RSI Trender
  • List Item #3

Golden Trading Setup

2000-4000 Per Strategy
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Platinum Trading Setup

5000-12000 Per Strategy
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3


With high-class technology, unique trading tools, and three-way trading platform, Zerodha is giving its clients an edge in trading and decision making. Pioneer in introducing low brokerage scheme.

Fyers is a low brokerage stock broker in India. They are among the cheapest stock broker online. Fyers simple pricing model offers trading across segments for same flat brokerage fee of maximum ₹20 per executed order.

TradingView charts are intuitive for beginners, yet have everything advanced investors could wish for. Whether you want to look up the latest stock price, or analyze complex price patterns.

Traders Reviews

Aarjav JainWorking Professional
Read More
Before their strategy I was lost in trading. After I met Shawn my trading went to the next level... I’m really happy about it, now I can make my analysis so much simpler and effective, no need to complicate myself with that much indicators which give you indecision when to take a trade or not. This indicator is literally the key to financial freedom.
Riyan GargCollege Student
Read More
Since finding Shree Balaji Trading Strategies I’ve found myself winning more trades.I had Blown my account twice An I was trapped in the market But after using there indicator and strategy I have almost Covered My losses In very short period

Traders Reviews

Sanjeev MittalBusiness Owner
Read More
The Trading strategy and indicator combined together has done nothing but wonders for my trading career. I have quite a few years experience with trading stocks but new to bankifty option trading. With that being said, I know the basics but have struggled when trying to find a way to ensure my weekly wins outweigh the loses. There strategy is exactly what I've been looking for. There Team has been patient and very helpful with getting me up to speed with how everything works. You will consistently increase your profits if you follow the system! No question about it.
Ahemad AnsariBtech Student
Read More
There indicator and strategy is just awesome because I just used Price action and there strategy indicator and it works as wonder I have a lot experience in trading and trading is all about probability And there indicator strategy helped me in increasing probability of the next move of the market .
Arjun BangaBusiness Owner
Read More
have been trading from past 2 years My winrate wasn’t satisfactory I used to get frustrated when a stoploss got hit There strategy and indicator are desined such a way that you will have big profit or just loss which helps to stop overtrading and going for only the right trade.

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