About Us

Who are we?

We are Shree Balaji trading strategies- As full-time traders and developers. Like every trader we’ve had good times and bad, we know just how hard it is to grow your portfolio, especially if you are new to this market and many fake and scammers involved in this market, That’s why we decided to work on building technology that will help traders to get started with trading. 

What we do?

We created Expert Advisors and custom trading indicators for Trading View, which conduct sophisticated analysis of fast-moving markets in a split second. We build indicators to give you an edge that is ever so critical in the financial markets. We design all of our tools to make trading as simple as possible to save you lots of time trying to gather data from the history of charts.

Why are we proud of?

With over 1000 orders for our indicators in 2020 so far we have received so much positive feedback. There has been a considerable amount of demand from our users to expand our product range. Based on the positive comments, we’re working on expanding our range of products even further and taking our services to another level. 

We have helped countless traders revolutionize their bank nifty trading strategies with technical analysis indicators that genuinely work and have a positive impact. Reach out to us, and we will be delighted to tell you more.